10 ways in which you can increase traffic to your blog

In our last post we spoke about 10 ways in which your blog might not be getting the qualified targeted traffic to it that you need it to get in order to be successful. Well in this post today, we are going to share with you 10 ways in which you can increase traffic to your blog. Ways that anyone can do! And by just doing these things, whether you do one a day, or all 10 a day, in Continue reading

The Major Challenge of Driving Targeted Blog Traffic to Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, every new blog owner will face the problem and challenge of driving traffic to that blog. And without traffic, the blog will never be able to succeed! And for a lot of bloggers that can’t get the traffic they need to their blog they simply give up! Giving up isn’t something that successful bloggers done though! Although it’s normal to feel a bit disappointing and even discouraged at first, given up just isn’t a solution Continue reading

The Benefits of Blogging All Bloggers Can Enjoy

Hello all for all of my bloggers in particular. And this goes for those newbie, rookie first time bloggers right now and those seasoned, veteran long time bloggers too. For all and everyone that is blogging today. I hope that you all got to read our last post on why blogging is important and 5 of the positive benefits it can have. We just wanted to continue that post and talk a little more about our last point and share Continue reading

7 Factors that determine a blogs success

There are hundreds of factors which shape the success or downfall of every blog that is presently featured on the internet. The obviously known fact that the amount of blogs on the internet are increasing day by day is a factor which itself would affect the success of a blog. As this could determine whether there is space left for another blog in a specific market or is that market already over run with competition. I often deliberate whether or Continue reading

What Is Affiliate Marketing

So what exactly is affiliate marketing anyways? This is one of those questions that gets asked a lot and there are almost as many explanations or definitions for it as you could imagine. Everyone has their own spin or perspective – their own twist on it if you will. My goal is to give you the most clear cut, straight answer to every detail, every section, every little question that might come up so that you know the full story. Continue reading

Unique content is the key

It is not enough anymore to just blog about the same subject a fellow blogger has and put your own spin on things. With the amount of bloggers increasing day by day minute by minute the amount of content which covers the same subject is increasing to, so stop writing the same as everyone else and cover something unique instead. Do you ever wonder why some blogs such as ProBlogger, Dailyblogtips and many more receive so much traffic and have Continue reading