The Benefits of Blogging All Bloggers Can Enjoy

Hello all for all of my bloggers in particular. And this goes for those newbie, rookie first time bloggers right now and those seasoned, veteran long time bloggers too. For all and everyone that is blogging today. I hope that you all got to read our last post on why blogging is important and 5 of the positive benefits it can have. We just wanted to continue that post and talk a little more about our last point and share several other ways that blogging is important and can be beneficial to do today so let’s begin!

Blogging Builds Credibility and Increases Prospective Status

As we said in our last point before, blogging can help to establish your as an authority in your niche or industry. As you blog and post expert articles, you’ll be building that authority and respect through each new post you post to it. In time, people will come to look out for it and even turn to your blog as a source for their research and answers to questions they have etc. That’s why they say one of the best things to do is to find problems that people have and blog about the solutions to them!

But more than this, as you build up your blog with great posts and articles and other great content that people in the industry it’s aimed at and for love, that will show your creativity and talent and your passion and dedication and that’s something that will shine through and be reciprocated by the very readers of that blog.

And that can help in bundles when it comes to finding work as well. By adding that you’re a blogger or run a successful blog to your resume/CV, that will be looked upon favorably by potential employers who look for those that have the skills and experience, and knowledge, in all things connected to that specific industry.

Blogging Improves Reading and Writing Skills

When you are a blogger, blogging away, you are a writer, writing. Well you are if you’re doing the writing yourself anyway! And if you are, then you are going to go on to become a better, smarter, more knowledgeable reader and writer. You’ll pick up reading and writing skills that will make your writing read much better for ever word you read and type. Through writing, you’ll learn skills that will help you to express and communicate yourself and even improve how you communicate with other people in real life.

Blogging Builds Relationships

Good relations go a long way for any website or business. Period. And a blog is one way to reach out to those people that in your niche or industry, those people that you are targeting in a specific way. A way that lets them connect with you in such a way that it puts you in a good light. It puts you in their “good books”. It puts you in their would likely buy from book and that can only result in more business for your blog by way of more traffic, shares, reshares and other engagement and success all round. The trick is to finding out how to appeal to your targeted audiences better nature. One of the best ways is to find a problem they’re having and then solve it. They’ll LOVE you for it!

Reconclusion and overview.

So as you can see, there are more benefits for blogging than might first seem obvious. We just wanted to share the most obvious ones first and then talk about these other blogging benefits that can be had and acquired in time though doing some serious blogging! And if you do, and stick at it, you can come to enjoy these benefits too!