Unique content is the key

It is not enough anymore to just blog about the same subject a fellow blogger has and put your own spin on things. With the amount of bloggers increasing day by day minute by minute the amount of content which covers the same subject is increasing to, so stop writing the same as everyone else and cover something unique instead.

Do you ever wonder why some blogs such as ProBlogger, Dailyblogtips and many more receive so much traffic and have become so popular? It’s not just because they were lucky enough to get in to the blogging market early enough to take advantage of the lack of content covering this area. It’s because they have their own uniqueness about them, which is shown throughout their website. Sure the good timing played a major advantage to those bloggers, but if that was the only reason they became popular, they wouldn’t be as popular anymore.

I read blogs every day, I must read at least 30 articles a day on several other blogs and the one thing I notice is every article is different. Although they may be covering the same subject, they each have their own unique way of expressing, informing, educating and entertaining their readers.

Everyone has heard the saying “Content is King” well I used to believe this, I used to think the one way that traffic is ensured to reach my blog is through writing, writing, writing and although that is true to some extent, why not make every piece of content unique.

Now this may sound simple, but believe me it isn’t I’ve spent the last 8 months developing this blog from what once just focused on SEO it has now turned in to a blog about SEO, blogging, Internet marketing, proxy sites and more and it will keep growing to meet the interests of my readers and future readers. Obviously you (as the writer) have to have an interest in these subjects too or else your own personal experiences or choices cannot be included in to the content to give your site its own personal touch and enable you to connect with your readers. I feel this is the ultimate task needed to achieve blog success being seen as unique, now I am not saying my website is unique by far it is not however I am on my way to developing this site in to something unique which users will tell their friends about.

So how do you write unique content?

Writing unique content can be a difficult task one which I believe takes time and experience. You need to know everything about your market and your competition, read your competition’s articles and figure out where the traffic came from. Once you know your market, how your competition writes, how the target audience reacts to different articles then you can plan and write your articles.

Writing articles generally whether they are unique or not is a hard task for many people, being able to make a clear and concise article which is both entertaining and informing to the reader is not an easy task. Article writing takes time and as they say practice makes perfect.

Overall unique content is something every blogger should aspire to achieve, however it is something many do not. Perhaps this is because there are just too many bloggers and too much information on the internet to be able to write unique articles. Either way ensures your articles are not just plain copies of other articles which have been read time and time before.