10 ways in which you can increase traffic to your blog

In our last post we spoke about 10 ways in which your blog might not be getting the qualified targeted traffic to it that you need it to get in order to be successful. Well in this post today, we are going to share with you 10 ways in which you can increase traffic to your blog. Ways that anyone can do! And by just doing these things, whether you do one a day, or all 10 a day, in time that will add up to a lot of high quality traffic to your blog. So let’s begin and share!

1. Post Regularly.

By posting to your blog regularly, that not only keeps the Search Engine spiders coming back to crawl and index your blog. But it also keeps your readers coming back for more as well. Blogs that update regularly (at least one new post a week) see much more engagement and traffic than blogs that only post one new post a year!

2. Quality over Quantity.

While it can be tempting to post tons of articles to your site all the time. Don’t sacrifice quality over quantity! In order to keep your readers happy, only post high quality, highly informative blog posts that actually help people. It’s better to spend time researching a blog post than it is to just whack 10 random ones a day!

3. Gain Extra Exposure.

By making use of Internet marketing techniques and methods, and even social media marketing methods, you’ll be driving highly targeted, high quality traffic to your blog. Learn about Internet marketing methods from those expert SEO blogs and forums and then put them into practice on your own blog. You’ll be glad for it!

4. Keep Your Readers Close.

Make sure that you are giving your readers ways to stay close to you by providing social media links they can visit and follow you on. And by having a subscriber form so they can subscribe to your newsletter. By doing this, you give people more ways to find out about new posts and stuff that you’ve posted to your blog which will really help.

5. Attract Their Attention.

A blog is one way that you can attract and capture peoples attention but only if you use eye catching headlines and titles that draw people into to read your posts. You will want to make full use of high quality photos, images and videos on your blog. Elements and things that keep people on your site for longer too.

6. Avoid Grammar / Spelling Mistakes.

Bad grammar and spelling mistakes can break your blog before it’s even begun! If you’re not an English native writer, get someone to proof read your blog posts before you actually publish them. People don’t mind the odd grammar and spelling mistake but if your blog is rife with them that will put them off from visiting it again.

7. Engage Your Readers.

When someone comments on one of your blog posts, always try to respond to that comment. Never leave a comment unanswered or not responded to. By responding to all comments, that lets people know that you appreciate their comment in the first place and that will go on to get you even more comments later on.

8. Accept Guest Posts

One of the best ways to get more traffic is to accept guest post submissions. Since traffic comes through the content you have on your blog. By accepting guest post submissions, you will get more traffic from the Search Engines because of it. People will also trust your blog and believe in your community side.

9. Sell Solutions to Problems

When you provide a solution to someone’s problem, well they’ll love you for that! But if you can find out about what people’s problems are, and then provide a solution to that problem on your blog. Those people will tell other people about it and your blog will spread out like wildfire simply because you solved their problem!

10. Buy Traffic / PPC

It might not sound like something you want to do right now, but buying traffic to your blog, even taking out PPC ads, is one sure fire way of driving targeted traffic to your blog. You can make use of Google’s AdWords program. Or even find those specialist traffic websites or blog traffic sites to buy it and receive it in bundles!

Conclusion and Overview

While not a comprehensive list of ways to drive traffic to your blog, these are sure fire ways of going about it that can be repeated over and over and over again! And these are all ways in which we have driven traffic to our blog. So any blog or blogger not doing these things is going to find it really hard to succeed, as a blog today.