The Major Challenge of Driving Targeted Blog Traffic to Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, every new blog owner will face the problem and challenge of driving traffic to that blog. And without traffic, the blog will never be able to succeed! And for a lot of bloggers that can’t get the traffic they need to their blog they simply give up! Giving up isn’t something that successful bloggers done though! Although it’s normal to feel a bit disappointing and even discouraged at first, given up just isn’t a solution to the problem and the challenge of getting traffic.

Instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, all you really need to do is find out some ways in which you can drive quality targeted traffic to your blog. And looking at some of the reasons why your blog isn’t getting any or much traffic at all. To help with that, let’s look at 10 of the reasons that could very well be.

1. Your blog is so new that nobody hardly even knows about it. You’ll need to get it known about by getting it exposed online.

2. Your blog doesn’t have much content on it. Content is what attracts people to your blog and Search Engines need it to rank your blog in the SERPs.

3. Your content isn’t high quality content and doesn’t really answer anyone’s questions. You’ll need to make sure your content is highly informative.

4. Your blog is in a very small niche. Micro niches are good if you can tap into targeted traffic. But if it’s a very small niche, you wont get any anyway.

5. Your blog doesn’t sell anything. A blog is best used when it sells solutions to people’s problems. Solve their problems and you’ll solve your blogs success issue.

6. Your blog hasn’t been optimized. Unless your blog is optimized for the Search Engines, you aren’t going to get very good rankings in the SERPs with it.

7. Your blog doesn’t build targeted traffic. In order to get targeted traffic to your blog, you need to do methods that drive that traffic to it.

8. Your blog doesn’t capture people’s attention. If your content isn’t interesting to read and you aren’t using content like video, nobody will want to read your blog!

9. Your blog has bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Those types of blogs look sloppy and put people off from subscribing to them. Trust me, I know because I don’t!

10. Your blog ignores what people are saying. If you want people to visit and re-visit your blog, you should listen to what they’re saying about it!

So as you can see, if your blog falls under any one of these 10 issues, then you need to make the radical and much needed changes to your blog to turn it around. Whatever you do, don’t throw in the towel and quit! Just put into practice every day, week or even month or year, those things that can drive targeted traffic to your blog! We do, and we persisted. We went from blog zero to blog hero and you, and your blog can too! But you have to be willing to devote your time and hard work to it. That’s just obvious!